Church body,
Remember that we are not a building.  Just because fellowship has changed does not mean that it has been removed.  First and foremost follow all state and CDC guidelines when meeting, but please utilize the weekly sermons to hold your digital groups and family discussions. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause families at this time and we look forward to the day we can meet face to face again.
We are open M, W, Th, Fri at the church if you need to come by and pray, drop off your tithe or offering, or if you need assistance in any way. 
Below are areas you can be connected in fellowship during this time. Please explore and do not hesitate to ask questions or be involved how you can.
Thank you.
Prayer Requests
Stay Connected
Give Back
If you are in need during this time, we would love to find out how we can help. You are not alone.
Stay Connected
We may not be able to meet as a large group, but you are not alone. You can still stay connected here digitally or in small groups.  
Give Back
Let’s be the hands and feet of Jesus.  There are many people and many needs right now. Contact us.