Why dads need to be Men of God now more than ever

They are watching…

I tell this to my son and daughters often…watch what I do! The challenge for me as a parent, a father, and a man is that if my kids are going to watch what I do, then is it not critical how I act? Defining the role of the family has become an increasingly difficult task in today’s culture.

Let’s state the obvious; every one of us is someone’s child. Every one of us has had a hero or someone they watched and idolized at an early age. Most often, that person was their parent. So parents, remember your youth and recognize that you are your child’s role model. Research states most youth look to their parents and other family members for their examples. Is that not your own experience? So if it is, what do we do with that? What happens to that hero? Have you remained your child’s hero? What is your role in your family?

As a father of rapidly growing 16, 15, 10 and 9 year olds, I often think of the example I am setting for my kids. And what is funny is the the one that probably most wants to be like dad (because the girls love their Mother of course) is my son.  What more cool is that the son = example; that literally, is what the word means. We see in scripture that Jesus is referred to as the Son of God and “son” means the “example of.” Therefore, Jesus is the “Perfect Example of God.” It is the Perfect Example of God who was incarnate.

The Role of the Family

So, if son means the example of, then we must recognize as parents that children are examples of their parents. Throughout scripture, you see it this way: David was the son of Jesse who was the son of Obed who was the son of Boaz. Literally, you could say that David was the example of Jesse who was the example of Obed who was the example of his father Boaz. 
So, in raising children, do we look at it from the perspective of a lifetime or from a day in day out experience? The key piece of the family is a deep commitment by the parents to parenting and raising their children. Commitment is not demonstrated by a week’s trip to Disneyland or the beach or the mountains. A deep commitment is shown over time, day after day, just as Deuteronomy 5:5-9 says… talk to them about God at home or away, when you lie down or get up.
You are never alone in carrying out the work and calling of a parent. Like-minded parents with whom you can become friends can become a help and encouragement as you traverse these years together. God never leaves us or forsakes us when we call on Him and ask for His grace. A healthy and vibrant church community can become a great resource for parents and their children. Use what God has provided for families and parents. Remember, God works through and with families.